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Скачать T&E magazine, June 2008 бесплатно

T&E magazine, June 2008
English | 24 pages | PDF | 3.3 MB

T&E magazine is dedicated to helping companies master travel and entertainment expense management by offering policy advice, legal insights, trend analysis and smart solutions for the many challenges facing travel management professionals. Chief among readers’ concerns:

* Chief among readers’ concerns:
* Establishing and enforcing effective travel policies and procedures;
* Containing costs while maintaining and improving the quality of the travel experience;
* Selecting, negotiating and contracting with suppliers;
* Streamlining processes through new and developing technologies; and
* Staying abreast of critical developments in a rapidly changing industry.

Through regular departments, columns, original research and features, T&E provides a valuable resource that guides readers toward strategic solutions for the considerable challenges inherent in managing a corporate travel program.


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