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Скачать Edutopia Magazine, April 2008 бесплатно

Edutopia Magazine, April 2008
English | EXE | 56 pages | 14.8 MB

Edutopia media celebrates unsung heroes who are making “Edutopia” a reality. The word Edutopia represents an ideal educational landscape, where students are motivated to learn and teachers are energized by the excitement of teaching. In these schools, parents and other professionals from the community -- architects, artists, physicians, and writers, among others -- contribute their expertise and resources.

Technology is readily available and enables students, teachers, and administrators to seek knowledge and expertise beyond the school building. “Edutopia” is a vision of powerful teaching and learning.

With the goal of having educators and parents, as well as business and community leaders involved in making change in education, the Edutopia resources show best practices in many different ways. The magazine goes in-depth into the issues, the documentary films provide real world examples, and the Web site gives the practical tools, tips, and how to's.


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