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Скачать Currency Trader, June 2008 бесплатно

Currency Trader, June 2008
PDF | English | 19.8 MB

Latin America separates from U.S. weakness
The other Americas are going their own way during the current period of U.S. economic instability.

Manias and crashes: Where will oil lead the dollar?
Although some analysts argue a falling dollar is helping push up oil prices, it might be the other way around. The question is, when will the bubble-go-round stop?

The case for a positive dollar
Looking beyond price and analyzing economic factors suggests some currencies may be on the verge of big things in the not-too-distant future.

Short-term trends in the NZD/USD pair
An analysis of the "kiwi" dollar's tendency to market short-term price runs.

Euro momentum system, interrupted
Reviewing the strengths and weaknesses of a forex swing-trade setup leads to a new round of strategy refinements.

Currencies and commitments
Find out what COT data conveys about forex price action.

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