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Скачать EnergyBiz Magazine, May/June 2008 бесплатно

EnergyBiz Magazine, May/June 2008
English | 148 pages | EXE | 38.3 MB

EnergyBiz is a bimonthly business magazine for leaders in the new power industry. EnergyBiz is a controlled circulation publication that reaches more than 20,000 of the most influential managers, executives, legislators, regulators, lawyers and consultants who play critical roles in utilities, government, advisory firms, and supplier companies.

The editorial focus of EnergyBiz is strategic issues – financial, technological, legal and regulatory -- facing energy executives today. Feature articles will not only cover recent events, new trends and innovative ideas, but also the people behind them.

Each issue of EnergyBiz includes a Guide & Sourcebook, a special section that focuses on a specific topic within the electric power industry. The Guide includes several in-depth articles that explore the key issues around this a specific topic or sector in the electric power industry. The accompanying Sourcebook is a listing of vendor companies that provide products and services related to the topic.





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