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Скачать Outsourced Logistics Magazine, June 2008 бесплатно

Outsourced Logistics Magazine, June 2008
English | 60 pages | PDF

Outsourced Logistics -- The Global Supply Chain Authority -- brings together a community of supply chain and logistics professionals to inspire and drive their quest for strategic, management, and operational excellence in the domestic and global trade process. OL explores and carefully examines the issues, trends, news, services, products, and best practices for senior logistics executives who care passionately about domestic and international logistics, infrastructure, and capacity.

Mission: Outsourced Logistics connects the decision-makers of Buyers and Providers of third-party logistics (3PL) services to foster dialogue on the issues, trends, technologies and business practices in supply chain management.

Audience: Outsourced Logistics (formerly know as Logistics Today) is the only BPA-audited magazine dedicated exclusively to serving top level executives and managers who are buyers and providers of outsourced logistics services





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