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Скачать Good Health, Spring 2008 бесплатно

Good Health, Spring 2008
English | 32 pages | PDF | 2.1 MB

Good Health is published semiannually for Blue Care Network and BCN Service Company members. Good Health is meant to complement the advice of health care professionals and is not intended to take the place of professional medical care. Your specific contract may not cover every procedure or treatment recommended.

Blue Care Network of Michigan is an independent, nonprofit affiliate of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, one of many individual Blue Cross® and Blue Shield® plans in the United States. Blue Care Network is controlled by a board of directors including private citizens, business, labor and health care professionals. The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association licenses Blue Care Network of Michigan to offer certain products and services under the Blue Cross and Blue Shield names.

Blue Care Network of Michigan is an independent organization and solely responsible for its own debts and obligations. Neither the association nor any other organization using the Blue Cross and Blue Shield names acts as a guarantor of Blue Care Network of Michigan’s obligations.



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