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Скачать The Ritz-Carlton Magazine, Winter 2008 бесплатно

The Ritz-Carlton Magazine, Winter 2008
English | PDF | 24 pages | 5.6 MB

The Ritz-Carlton is more than just a hotel. To the ladies and gentlemen who frequent the company's properties worldwide, it's a lifestyle — a desire to experience the best life has to offer, whether at home or while traveling.

To meet this expectation, The Ritz-Carlton magazine caters to its readers with compelling articles on the people, places, products and pastimes that make the modern world an interesting place to be. Like The Ritz-Carlton brand itself, the magazine mixes elegance and sophistication with a sense of energy and service that's unmatched.

The Ritz-Carlton magazine's modern design differentiates it from its competitors while also communicating the hotel company's No. 1 position in the marketplace. Not only will our magazine build and strengthen the relationship between The Ritz-Carlton and its guests, it will support and enhance the positioning of the brands within its pages.

Created around articles that are timely and relevant, The Ritz-Carlton magazine takes a fresh, original approach to imagery and typography with a color palette that makes reading each page a pleasure. Indeed, our magazine resonates deeply with discriminating readers — and its presence is undeniable. Guests are drawn to The Ritz-Carlton magazine and, in turn, to your advertisements. Without a doubt, products and services featured in The Ritz-Carlton magazine get noticed.



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