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Скачать OR Today, April 2008 бесплатно

OR Today, April 2008
English | 69 pages | PDF | 11.1 MB

OR Today is an invaluable, time-saving resource guide for the surgical industry. By presenting current listings of a wide variety of surgical supplies and equipment companies, this easy-to-read magazine is a ready reference for busy surgical professionals.

From the Publisher:

For those of you who are already loyal readers of OR Today and OR Living, I sincerely hope you are enjoying the publication – and for those of you who may just be picking up this magazine for the first time, welcome!

Although we had been enjoying success with OR Today for a number of years now, it became apparent to all of us here at MD Publishing that the varying needs of surgical nurses were not adequately being met (at least not by the many magazines, trade publications and journals that nurses have come to rely on). While these publications may have been meeting nurses’ professional needs, we recognized that nurses do have lives outside the OR (imagine that!), and that a magazine tailored to nurses’ professional and personal lives would likely be well-received.



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