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Скачать Retire Magazine, Issue 65 бесплатно

Retire Magazine, Issue 65
English | PDF | 19 pages | 3.8 MB

ARC's quarterly magazine where you can learn more about our villages. Read stories from our residents. Get the scoop on villages in the planning and new directions in lifestyles for seniors.

Editor’s note:

Welcome! I recently changed rooms with a house mate, moving from a room with ample wardrobe space to one that had none at all. As I was going through my possessions, pulling things out of my cupboards and finding objects that I hadn’t seen in years, it dawned on me just how much stuff I had accumulated over the years. After several trips to Ikea and several storage units later, I have finally found a home for most of it.

There were a few things however, that ended up homeless and out on the streets. We all tend to collect meaningless items over the years and comedian Wendy Harmer has used this theme as the topic for her latest documentary series entitled Stuff. A group of residents from Bundoora Village were lucky enough to participate in the filming of the series, with Wendy and her crew from Princess Pictures visiting the village for a day of filming.

After the shoot was over, Wendy Harmer joined residents for happy hour in the community centre and sang along with 90 year old resident Valda McInnes who played ‘These Foolish Things’ on the grand piano. The four part documentary series will air on the ABC in February. You can read about it on page 12.



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