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Скачать Supplement to Dance Magazine : Lifetime Learners: Teacher Training, April 2008 бесплатно

Supplement to Dance Magazine : Lifetime Learners: Teacher Training, April 2008
English | 25 pages | PDF | 2.8 MB

No matter your level of mastery, there is always something new to know about one’s own body. Former San Francisco Ballet dancer, Augusta Moore, became interested in the Feldenkrais Method® as part of a larger investigation of anatomy and kinesiology. In “Finding Your Spine” (page 18), she talks about using Feldenkrais principles to help dancers achieve greater artistry.

Moore, who is director of ballet for the ODC School, told me she agrees with those who say ballet technique should not begin until age 8. “But teach something,” she says. On page 4, you can see how Beverly Spell does just that. Her LEAP ’N LEARN program offers a lesson plan for how to begin.

If you attend the American Dance Festival this summer, you may encounter a group of unusually talented students. In partnership with Hollins University, ADF now offers a master of fine arts degree with active, mid-career dance artists in mind (page 22). Doug Elkins, Lisa Race, and Shani Collins are among the participants who will attend ADF in Durham, NC, to partially fulfill degree requirements.

Not every student will become a professional dancer, yet performing is a vital aspect of a dancer’s education. Beginning on page 10, writer Jim Williams talks to Sara Mau and Deborah Carr, two dancers who took different career paths to reach a common goal. They each create intensive performance opportunities for nonprofessionals in Omaha.

I hope you’ll check among the teacher training workshops listed beginning on page 26, when you’re considering your personal learning options for the summer. There’s something for everyone.



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