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Скачать The Philadelphia Trumpet Magazine, May 2008 бесплатно

The Philadelphia Trumpet Magazine, May 2008
English | 40 pages | PDF | 3.2 Mb

The Philadelphia Trumpet is a monthly news magazine published by the Philadelphia Church of God (PCG). Its editor-in-chief is currently Gerald Flurry, who is also the leader of the PCG and characterizes the magazine as a successor to The Plain Truth magazine when it was under the aegis of the Worldwide Church of God.
The only advertisements in the magazine are for various pamphlets and booklets published by the PCG, for the Armstrong College Bible Correspondence Course, and a list of broadcast times for The Key of David.

The magazine reports on worldwide events as seen through the filter of Armstrongism as taught by the PCG. The bias of the magazine is decidedly conservative (for example, the December 2006 issue characterized the Democratic victory in Congress as a "dangerous turn for America"). It has also been criticized for allegedly anti-semitic, anti-islamic and racist editorials.


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