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Скачать Casino Lawyer Magazine, Spring 2008 бесплатно

Casino Lawyer Magazine, Spring 2008
English | 36 pages | PDF | 1.9 Mb

In the last two decades, gaming law has emerged as a critically important legal specialization. It is an exciting and diverse practice that touches on many other disciplines of law such as contracts, antitrust, constitutional law and others. This area of practice has grown rapidly to meet the demand of growing and emerging gaming markets across the globe, but there is still a large, unsatisfied portion of that market.

If your firm offers gaming law as a specialty or would benefit by reaching gaming lawyers, regulators, compliance officers, security or surveillance directors, in house counsel or casino executives, Casino Lawyer magazine can help connect your firm’s abilities with the needs of the gaming industry.

Casino Lawyer is published four times a year by the International Masters of Gaming Law. It is distributed along with Casino Enterprise Management magazine to over 16,500 subscribers. Two thousand of these issues reach international destinations.



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