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Скачать AEC Magazine, March/April 2008 бесплатно

AEC Magazine, March/April 2008
English | 36 pages | PDF | 10.7 MB

The UK’s No.1 Journal for decision makers in Architecture, Engineering and Construction. AEC Magazine has a bold agenda that reflects the evolutionary nature of this fast-moving sector with its proliferation of software and hardware technologies and the collaborative working practices that are integral to today’s design and engineering workflow.

For the designer, a huge selection of software tools enable: concept shaping, 2D drawing, 3D modelling, visualisation, stress analysis, BOM, and the production of intelligent working drawings that accompany the completed project through its lifecycle.

Other specialist areas of AEC are equally well served with technology based solutions in the fields of: highways and bridges, process plant, water engineering, structural steel, railways and the entire gamut of architecture, construction, civil and structural engineering.


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