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Скачать LiveRight with ShopRite, February 2008 бесплатно


LiveRight with ShopRite
February 2008 | English | 36 pages | PDF | 11.7 MB

Healthy eating means different things to different people. Your needs and preferences determine which foods you select. To help you find the right foods for yourself and your family, ShopRite created LiveRight with ShopRite. Look for the LiveRight with ShopRite name throughout the store, with color-coded shelf signs to identify foods in these categories: Organic, Natural, Low Carb, Sugar Free, Fat Free, Low Fat, Low Sodium and Gluten Free.

A quick glance at the shelf signs will help you choose foods that meet your healthy eating goals. Remember that products are constantly changing, so be sure to read the product ingredient label before you purchase.

"Natural foods contain no preservatives, antibiotics, artificial flavorings or colorings, hydrogenated oils, bleached flours or highly refined sugars, and they retain their nutrient levels after any processing. Foods labeled “natural” must indicate on their labels why they meet that definition — for instance, “no added colorings” or “minimally processed.” The LiveRight shelf sign for natural foods uses teal bands"


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