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Скачать WIPO Magazine, February 2008 бесплатно


WIPO Magazine
February 2008 | English | 32 pages | PDF | 1 MB

The bimonthly WIPO Magazine (available in English, French and Spanish) aims to inform readers about WIPO-led activities, and to show intellectual property, creativity and innovation at work across the world.

Issue 1/2008 (January-February)

* Climate Change –The Technology Challenge
* Towards a Green Stone Age?
* Patenting and Access to Clean Energy Technologies in Developing Countries
* In the Courts: Bridging Moral Rights and Public Utility
* The European Community Joins the Hague System
* Design law in the European fashion sector
* Sixty Years of Wham-O
* IP and Business: Managing IP as a Set of Business Assets
* IP Intrigue: From Patent Battle to Bestseller
* Welcome to the Public Domain
* WIPO High Level Forum for Least Developed Countries
* New Parties to WIPO Administered Treaties in 2007
* In the News


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