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Скачать Politics and Technology Review, March 2008 бесплатно

Politics and Technology Review
March 2008 | English | PDF | 80 pages | 2.7 MB

The Politics & Technology Review is a regular publication produced by GW’s Institute for Politics, Democracy & the Internet in partnership with GW Discourse: The Political Science Quarterly. The March 2008 edition of IPDI’s semi-annual online journal of research, commentary, and analysis on technology and politics.

In this issue, David Faris looks the way citizens used social networking sites and mobile phones to spread political rumors in Egypt. James Valentine questions whether the wisdom of crowds can produce creative thought. Lowell Feld analyzes the online Draft Jim Webb movement in 2006.
IPDI’s mission is to promote the use of the Internet and new communication technologies in politics to enhance democratic values, encourage citizen participation and improve governance, at home and abroad; in short, to “democratize democracy.” IPDI conducts research that anticipates and interprets trends; publishes studies and guidelines that that show candidates, public officials and activists how to make the best use of the new communication tools; and holds seminars and conferences that advocate best practices, teach new skills and allow for the national and international exchange of ideas on the democratizing uses of the Internet and other new technologies.


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