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Скачать 7GFB Magazine - Vol.01 бесплатно

7GFB Magazine
ENF | PDF | Vol.01 | 24 MB | English | RS

Angelina and the last secret AN EXPOSE!

Angelina Jolie graces the cover of the 1st Issue of 7GFB Magazine, a new gossip/entertainment
magazine distributed for FREE, having guest writers such as the special Rash Manly , LayDdee ,
Justagirl, Taylorblue and Confessing 7 Girl, and of course the 7 girlfriends as editors.

7GFB Magazine will feature paparazzi photos, interesting articles and very funny surprises waiting
for you. The staff at 7gfb uncover so many celebrity scandals on a regular basis. That many scandals
crammed into one office complex caused a chain reaction in the computers recently and somehow a
virtual baby was born called 7gfb Magazine!

Enjoy :-)


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