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Скачать New Left Review 2001 (6 issues - 12 months) бесплатно

New Left Review 2001 (6 issues - 12 months)
PDF | English | rs.com | 4 Mb | ASIN: B00007KPVY

This is the magazine that does the imprint of Verso books, notable publishers of such writers as Tariq Ali, Perry Anderson, Fredric Jameson, Peter Gowan, Immanuel Wallerstein, et al., who likewise appear here. The general viewpoint of the writers assumes a vaguely Marxist tack, yet the articles are never monolithic or reductivist. Rather, they are insightful and well-written without an over-reliance on that technobabble that turns so many off to modern critical theory. The essays in this mag address economics, literature, foreign policy, semiotics, pop culture; in short, they take an intelligent look at the world around us, early 21st century as it is happening, and try to give the reader some more ammo to take into battle against the sleepwalking fools who believe everything they see on Fox news. An educated body politic can do no harm and a lot of good weighing the ideas discussed within the 100-plus bimonthly pages of this wonderful magazine. The only problem is that it doesn't arrive on your doorstep more often than that... meanwhile, you can go wade through some more Wallerstein or Armstrong on the development of world systems...


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