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Скачать Hunting & Fishing Cookbook (Taste of Home) бесплатно

"Hunting & Fishing Cookbook"
Taste of Home Magazine | English | PDF | 196 pages | 22,2 Mb

Whether you’re an avid hunter or fisherman or someone who cooks for one, this must-have game and fish cookbook is for you!

You’ll find hundreds of mouth-watering ways to turn venison, elk, pheasant, wild turkey, walleye, salmon and more
into meals that will satisfy the whole family and even dinner guests. Plus, there are also hearty camp breakfasts,
most of which can be prepared in just a skillet. We’ve included many sweet and savory recipes for satisfying portable snacks as well as a tasty collection of recipes using wild ingredients that can be picked or gathered. Hundreds of recipes are shown in full color.


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