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Скачать Windows Secrets Newsletter - Paid Version - Issue 130 - 2007-11-08 бесплатно

Windows Secrets Newsletter - Paid Version • Issue 130 • 2007-11-08 • Circulation: over 275,000
PDF | 13 Pages | 2 MB

TOP STORY One quick trick prevents AutoRun attacks
AutoRun starts Windows programs automatically
Shutting down AutoPlay is not a fix
Block AutoRun for all devices all the time

WACKY WEB WEEK Your life vest clashes with your oxygen mask!

You get all of the following in the paid version

LANGALIST PLUS Part seven: decluttering a PC frees up 6GB
New England homecoming wraps up journey
A numerical breakdown of my cross-country ride
Decluttering your PC can free lots of space

WOODY'S WINDOWS Another batch of indispensable Windows utilities
The best of everyone's favorite tools
IrfanView displays every image you throw at it
Foxit Reader is a better way to PDF
ZipBackup competes with four other products
Special-purpose apps make your life simple
System utilities can be real life-savers
For you hardcore users, here's the geeky stuff
There may be even more utilities to come

PERIMETER SCAN Apple's new Leopard OS shows Windows envy
Leopard features that are already in Windows
Shatter attacks not "fixed" until Vista
Caveats with Driver Detective and IceSword

Includes Woody Leonhard's new PDF e-book bonus: Windows Home Server for Dummies the two best chapters.

Brian Livingston is the editor of WindowsSecrets.com and the co-author of Windows Vista Secrets and 19 other computer books.


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