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Скачать Studies in French Cinema (Vol 4 | Num 3 | 2004) бесплатно

Studies in French Cinema (Vol 4 | Num 3 | 2004)
edition: 2004 | PDF | 82 Pages | 1,3 Mb

Studies in French Cinema (ISSN 1471-5880) is a refereed journal published three times per year by Intellect Press. It is published to provide academics and students with a consistent quality of scholarly investigation across the full breadth of the subject, including a focus on largely underdeveloped areas of French Cinema studies and research. The Editors welcome articles on any aspect of French Cinema, but especially in the following three areas:
Film history
Research featuring new approaches to canonised areas; interviews with film practitioners; research into audiences; explorations into previously ignored or under-represented cinematic eras.
Film genre and film trends
Genre is a key area for investigation and there is still a lot of work to be done. Any avenue of investigation will be welcome but authors should bear in mind that genres need to be discussed within their socio-political, historical and theoretical contexts. Film trends are equally crucial to an understanding of a culture – when cinema manifests a specific preoccupation then it is clearly responding to the socio-political and cultural context in which it finds itself. SFC seeks articles that analyse trends in cinema using theoretical models from cultural studies and including, where appropriate, case studies.
Film technique and cinematic theory
Research is needed to redress the current scarcity of work on how film technology impacts on the final product, including camera operation, colour technology, film stock, lighting, make-up, costume, decor and new technologies; space will also be made in this section for the publication of new debates in film theory.


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