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Скачать Pediatrics in Review: 2006-2009 - UPDATED JULY 2009 бесплатно

Pediatrics in Review: Annual collections (2006-June 2009)
American Academy of Pediatrics | English | zipped PDFs (+ audio/video) | 590+521+484+318 pages | 12+22+14+7 MB

Pediatrics in Review is a highly acclaimed monthly continuing medical education (CME) journal, complete with review articles and special features such as:
* Back to Basics: Revisits basic science learned in medical school.
* Consultation with the Specialist: Offers a specialist's perspective on a variety of pediatric topics.
* What's New: Provides information on new developments in pediatric medicine.
* Index of Suspicion: Tests diagnostic skills with cases that present in a suspicious manner.

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