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Скачать Get Fresh! - Spring 2009 бесплатно

Get Fresh! - Spring 2009
English | 84 pages | PDF | 6.93 Mb

What's in issue 54?

* Former Playboy model Lillian Mller (pictured on the cover) talks about how her life changed when she went raw 30 years ago, why we should watch we think even more carefully than we watch what we eat, and why she's on a mission to challenge limiting beliefs about aging.

* Thomas Lodi, M.D., is a medical doctor of 24 years' experience who treats cancer patients holistically and with great success. In our exclusive interview with him he talks about the three aspects to healing cancer, the fact conventional cancer treatment does none of these, why it's so important for cancer patients to eat raw, his tips for cancer prevention and much more.

* Dr Doug Graham with a four-page feature on what cooking does to food; how it affects carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins
, minerals, phytonutrients and enzymes, and at what temperatures nutrients in food begin to undergo damage due to heat. Dr Graham also shines the spotlight on the claim that cooking makes certain nutrients more bioavailable.

* The top 10 substances that destroy health: Editor Sarah Best with shocking facts about foods and habits that are "normal" in our society. Even if you eat all raw and allow nothing "impure" to pass your lips, watch out for number four: it may be sabotaging your efforts to achieve the level of health and vitality you deserve.

* Tonya Zavasta explains the link between beauty and the bowel and defines the ideal bowel movement.

* Save money while helping to save the planet - Ani Phyo with her 7 top tips for economizing on your food bills.

* Dr Brian Clement makes the case for choosing organic, 100% of the time.

* Plant-based protein and peak performance: four vegan athletes speak.

* Jennifer Wright-Kleinberg shares the story of her high-raw pregnancy with twins.

* Charlie Wilson on the link between nutrition and the Law of Attraction.

* "Why I opened a raw restaurant", by Alissa Cohen.

* Hormonal havoc? Dale Pinnock outlines the two main causes, and offers advice for eliminating them.

* Elaine Bruce explains why we all need to detox.

* Beware of preaching to the unconverted, says Pete Vincent.

* Fabulous raw food: Russell James on the many uses of Irish moss, Cherie Soria on achieving perfect presentation and Brigitte Mars explores asparagus.

* Plus the latest news, reviews, tips, useful contacts and much, much more!

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