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Скачать Funky Raw - Issue 13 Spring 09 бесплатно

Funky Raw - Issue 13 Spring 09
English | 44 pages | PDF | 4.09 Mb


News, events, festivals, workshops, retreats, talks, etc
David Wolfe’s new book Amazing Grace reviewed by Christy
Elizabeth reviews the Raw Nirvana DVD series
Review of Star Khechara’s The Holistic Beauty Book from Rob
Jessica Fenton’s Delectable Desserts DVD review by Elizabeth
Review of The Raw Food Files DVD by Elizabeth
Review of SAF Restaurant in London by Cath Parker
Recipes: A massive selection of recipes including garlic sesame noodles, mayo, cheesecake, museli, tzatziki and chocolate cake
Extract from Raw Magic, Kate Magic’s new recipe book, with sample recipes.
Rob reviews a selection of wild food books. This months wild greens are garlic mustard and sheep’s sorrel
In part five of The Art of Raw, Kyle Vialli discusses probiotic foods
Part one of a new series on permaculture by Steve Charter
Training tip from Tonya Kayos
London’s raw food cafes, shops and markets mapped out
Aj, our youngest columnist on how to deal with your parents
Why drink raw milk plus cheese recipe from Holly
A selection of uplifting poetry
Personal story from Anabrese in Scotland, with more recipes
Why we should be eating wild plants by Dani
“The Terrible Thing in Portamaloo” - The second part of Katie Jackson’s short story about the world.
The Path of Shamanism by Anam Gemma
Teaching Nonviolent Communication in a US Prison
Hempman - Part 2 of the novel by Saab Lofton
Creature - The second part of MC Miller’s cartoon series
The Back Page with another Raw with Laughter cartoon and preparation for the Apocalypse by Kate Magic
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