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Скачать Exposure Magazine - Sept 2009 бесплатно

Exposure Magazine
Sept 2009 - Issue 14 | PDF | English & Indonesian | 33 MB | RS+ES
A Photography Magazine from Indonesia

Exposure is a regional photography magazine based in Southeast Asia. Community-generated contents, this magazine relies on your contribution. It is you, fellow photographers, who could carry its existence through.

Issue 14 :
Lines, Shapes, Shadows : Easy to find, easy to make them great pictures

Soccer: Not Just 2x45 Minutes More intriguing scenes occur outside the game

O Lord, Let Me Touch Your Sky : A piece of story about fledgling pilots in an aviation school

Meresapi Kedamaian Suku Boti : Jauh dari keramaian, tak ada listrik, tapi ada damai

Review : Tas Kamera: Think Tank Photo Glass Taxi

Pictures of the Month : Theme: Prayer


No Mirrors Please


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