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Скачать YUO ( 13 09 2009 ) бесплатно

YUO ( 13 09 2009 )название : YUO
год: 13 September 2009
язык :English
формат: pdf
страниц : 107
размер : 14,85 мб
Для сайта: www.mirknig.com

7 This life by Jane Alison
8 Fashion forward Ten key pieces equal endless ensembles. We’ve done the shopping...
10 Mimi Spencer gets in a lather over the return of the bubble skirt; plus delectable ‘shoe’ pastries and swimwear for sirens
13 Style notes Hound’s-tooth is back – this time with extra bite
15 Beauty news Don’t spare us the drama, bring on the Eastern-inspired exotica
17 Things you don’t know about…Lehman Brothers
18 Make-up masterclass Jemma Kidd on tools, tips and tricks for sensitive types
20 My body & I Betty Jackson’s beauty secrets
22 ‘I can’t do everything and nor should I have to’ Maggie Gyllenhaal couldn’t be ...
28 ‘My daughter doesn’t know how to lie’ says the woman who really knows...
34 Many happy returns, Twiggy! We salute the original supermodel as she turns..
43 Fashion now-how Hit the high street running with our 17-page guide to what’s wearable, affordable and inspirational for the new season
60 this Saturday – with a little help from her famous friends
68 2…4…6…8…what do we appreciate? Cheerleading is the fastest-growing...
74 Win a £500 high street shopping spree There’s a free fashion fest at Debenhams for ten lucky readers – plus up to 20 per cent off for everyone!
75 In a taxi with…The Inbetweeners star Blake Harrison
76 Divorce or destruction? Parting is seldom plain sailing, but what if that...
82 Notes from an exhibitionist Rage against beige and bring on the colour...
88 Top Marcus The stellar Mr Wareing brings his Michelin-starred brilliance to the...
99 Health notes by Sarah Stacey
100 YOU Gallery
102 Body talk ‘Holden a minute, Amanda!’ says a wary Myleene Klass
103 YOU crossword
104 Horoscopes by Sally Brompton
105 Your problems answered by Zelda West-Meads
106 Liz Jones’s diary

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