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Скачать YUO ( 27 12 2009 ) бесплатно

YUO ( 27 12 2009 )название : YUO
издатель : SUE PEART
год: 27 декабря 2009
язык :English
формат: pdf
страниц : 76
размер : 7,92 мб

8 Fashion forward Bargain accessories that’ll bling up your party dress
11 Mimi Spencer looks back fondly, and despondently, on the decadent decade that
was; plus, wear your heart on your scarf

12 Winter’s wonderland Work your whimsical magic in fabulous fairy-tale pieces
17 Style notes Shake up the New Year celebrations in a strapless cocktail frock
19 Beauty news Reviving lotions and potions to restore your pre-festive glow
23 The drop-a-decade makeover Age-defying tricks from make-up artist Jemma Kidd
24 NYC: the city that saved my marriage Sarah Jessica Parker may live a hectic
Hollywood life, but her Manhattan home keeps her – and her relationship – grounded
29 In a taxi with…The Hills’ lad-at-large Brody Jenner
35 Confessions of a dole-queue virgin Unemployed for the first time ever, one woman
found herself back in her childhood home at 41 and in the job centre
44 How we reveal all (without saying a word) From your hairdo to your pet, every
choice you make has a hidden meaning. Body language expert Judi James unravels all
46 ‘I’m a stranger to him now’ Two years ago, Abigail Hunter’s estranged partner
abducted their 12-year-old son on a visit to the US, and began a systematic
(and successful) ‘programme’ of alienation…
48 Your top 2010 The planets are hinting at more prosperous times ahead – astrologer
Sally Brompton gives us a glimpse into the coming 12 months
30 Secrets of the super-healthy Follow leading nutritionist Patrick Holford’s ten
simple rules for a fit and vibrant new you
38 All nups and no downs This year may have been blighted by the recession, but for
five couples it was a time to celebrate with four weddings and a civil partnership
67 Health notes by Sarah Stacey
73 Your problems answered by Zelda West-Meads
52 It’s so next year Faux-flower designer Tiffany Giudicelli shows us how she’ll be
bringing in the next decade – with a laid-back house party
58 Love every second Don’t let your festive leftovers go to waste – turn
them into something extra special
7 This life by Rachel Roberts
21 Things you don’t know about…sex addiction
68 YOU Gallery
70 Body talk Angela Merkel and Hillary Clinton fail to get our air-kissing vote
71 YOU crossword
72 Horoscopes by Sally Brompton
74 Liz Jones’s diary

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