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Скачать VIVMag (January - February 2010) бесплатно

VIVMag (January - February 2010)название : VIVMag
издатель : VIV Publishing LLC
год: January - February 2010
язык :English
формат: pdf
страниц : 194
размер : 20,24 мб

Colin Cowie & VIVmag on Today
See VIV columnist, and interior decorator Colin Cowie on “Today”, as he shows how easy it can be to host a party that looks elegant but isn’t a headache to put together. Colin Cowie has tips for creating a fabulous holiday get-together without all the fuss.

* Script your new year. Make your resolutions a reality!
* Style. Resort goes downtown.
* Beauty. Steal your derm's secrets.
* Fitness. Don't let exercise lies derail you.
* The best diet. You've never herard of.
* Mariel Hemingway. Makes place with her legacy.

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