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Скачать YUO ( 03 01 2010 ) бесплатно

YUO ( 03 01 2010 )название : YUO
издатель : SUE PEART
год: 3 января 2010
язык :English
формат: pdf
страниц : 76
размер : 8,85 мб

8 Fashion forward New year, new wardrobe: resolve to break out
of your style rut
11 Mimi Spencer on how to think yourself thin; plus, blooming
lovely maternity wear

12 Lady go go What’s black and white and red hot all over? You, of course,
in the autumn/winter trends that’ll rock you into spring
17 Style notes The new season’s sassiest scarves, with tying tips
from A-list wrap stars
19 Beauty news Super-natural, super-nurturing skin savers
23 Make-up masterclass Skin looking as grey as the weather? Here’s how
to brighten it up
48 We’re so 2010! Meet the ultra-glam winners of the YOU/Imedeen
makeover competition
26 ‘I’m too insecure to pick up men’ And other startling revelations from SATC’s sexy
man-eater Kim Cattrall
30 Friends and monsters Predators befriending children on the internet is a terrifying
prospect for every parent. One mother recalls the nightmare of her daughter’s disappearance
38 ‘I’ve never had a plan B’ Survivors star Zoe Tapper on the gritty determination that has
served her well – on and off screen
47 In a taxi with…actor Matt Di Angelo
34 The 20 most incredible edibles These superfoods taste so great you’d never know
that they were good for you
42 Infidelity: is there a future after temptation? Yes, says counsellor Andrew G
Marshall. He identifies the eight different types of affair and how to cope with the fallout
67 Health notes by Sarah Stacey
73 Your problems answered by Zelda West-Meads
52 New decade, new decor For the hottest home trends of 2010, check out our crucial A-Z
58 Gino D’Acampo’s pasta and chocolate cake diet Yes, really! Eat up and slim down
with ravishing recipes from the I’m a Celebrity chef’s new book
7 This life by Annabel Goldsmith
21 Things you don’t know about…yoga
68 YOU Gallery
71 YOU reading group This month’s book choice
71 YOU crossword
72 Horoscopes by Sally Brompton
74 Liz Jones’s diary

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