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Скачать Simply Cards and Papercraft бесплатно

Simply Cards and PapercraftSimply Cards and Papercraft March 2007
Format: DjVu | Pages: 61 | Language: English | Publisher: Papercrafts | Size: ~ 3.46 Mb

Mum's The Word: gatefold card designs for extra-special Mother's Day sentiments
A Good Impression: create quick and easy embossing effects with our tips and tricks
Spin The Wheel: transform your cards by experimenting with different hues and colour combinations
Colour My World: inject life into your creations with these vibrant design ideas
Suspended Animation: stamping on acetate to create unique and interesting cards
More Than Words: show someone how much you care and get creative with your lettering
Plus the announcement of our cardmaker of the year, creating masculine toppers, giveaways, shopping guides and much more!


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