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Скачать Future – The Aventis Magazine 2/2002 бесплатно

Future – The Aventis Magazine 2/2002
77 pages | English | PDF | 4 MB

Future – The Aventis Magazine 2/2002
By Aventis

* Publisher: Aventis
* Publication Date: 2002
* ISSN: 1431-8911


Paths to Sustainable Healthcare

Evolution and Ecology

Health and the environment – what we can learn from evolution.


The successful international vaccination campaign against this once universal scourge.

In the Year 2525

A summer hit from 1969 and medicine in the 21st century.

As Time Goes By

How can we stay healthy? Experts provide tips for all age groups.

Why Exercise Is Good for You

I bike therefore I am.

The Holy Grail of Health Policy

Will patients be able to afford healthcare in the future?

Health and Wealth

The link between healthcare and economic growth.

Who Owns Nature?

Can intellectual property rights be extended to living things? Critics speak out.

National Institutes of Health

Research in Bethesda – a visit to the world capital of medicine.

Aventis Update

New products and developments at Aventis.

Mothers and Fathers

Parents’ contribution to sustainable healthcare.
Writers have often been highly critical of the medical profession. A study.
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