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Скачать Future – The Aventis Magazine 1/2002 бесплатно

Future – The Aventis Magazine 1/2002
77 pages | English | PDF | 4 MB

Future – The Aventis Magazine 1/2002
By Aventis

* Publisher: Aventis
* Publication Date: 2002
* ISSN: 1431-8911


Doctors around the World

Physicians at work – observations by Jo Rttger. A photoreportage.

Biomedical Ethics in the 21st Century

Outlines of a new medical ethic. An essay.

How Can We Overcome Disease?

Gro Harlem Brundtland talks about the work and goals of the WHO. An interview.

How Doctors See Themselves

Occupation or vocation? Physicians reveal all. A survey.

The Good Doctor

The doctor-patient relationship – in theory and in practice. A self-portrait.

Defeating Sleeping Sickness

Mdecins Sans Frontires is fighting the deadly disease in Uganda. A reportage.

Doctors Without Borders

History of an aid agency. A personal report.

Next, Please!

Thoughts on the waiting room. Observations.

Doctors in Cyberspace

Computers have become indispensable tools. Will they replace human physicians? A look into the future.

Building Bridges to Doctors

The sales associate’s tough balancing act. A report.

Aventis Update

New products and developments at Aventis.

Doctors in Literature

Writers have often been highly critical of the medical profession. A study.
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