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Скачать Future – The Aventis Magazine 3/2002 бесплатно

Future – The Aventis Magazine 3/2002
77 pages | English | PDF | 4 MB

By Aventis

* Publisher: Aventis
* Publication Date: 2002
* ISSN: 1431-8911


Living with Diabetes

What does it mean to have diabetes? Personal experiences of a chronic condition.

The Biology of Illness

What makes us ill? Reflections on the effects of modern civilization.

Facing the Beginnings of an Epidemic

The World Health Organization is focusing on diabetes. Prospects for the future.

Metabolism Out of Balance

What is diabetes? A closer look at types, symptoms, causes.


When your child has diabetes. A visit to Hamburg.

The Optimal Formula

The A1C value plays an important role in the treatment of diabetes.

Coping with Everyday Life

A practical guide for people with diabetes.

The Discovery of Insulin

The history of a medical success story.

The Joslin Diabetes Center

Where is diabetes research heading? Insights and outlooks.

Diabetes Risk Test

Insulin Production

Biotechnology has revolutionized insulin production. Observations at Aventis.

Aventis Update

New products and developments at Aventis.


Doctors and patients can work together. A new program shows how.
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