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Скачать Scientific American, October 2008 бесплатно

Scientific American, October 2008
PDF | English | 17 MB

Follow the Bouncing Universe
Our universe may have started not with a big bang but with a big bounce -- an implosion that triggered an explosion, all driven by exotic quantum-gravitational effects.

Lighting up the Brain
A clever combination of optics and genetics is allowing neuroscientists to map -- and even control -- brain circuits with unprecedented precision.

Birth of an Ocean
Formation of an ocean is a rare event, one few scientists have ever witnessed. Yet this geophysical nativity is unfolding today in one of the hottest and most inhospitable corners of the globe. Visit the site in safety through this extraordinary photographic essay.

The Search for Intelligence
IQ is easy to measure and reflects something real. But scientists hunting among our genes for the factors that shape intelligence are discovering they are more elusive than expected.

Web Science Emerges
Studying the Web will reveal better ways to exploit information, prevent identity theft, revolutionize industry and manage our ever growing online lives.For countries, US, DE, ES, GB, FR, IT, CA, PT, NL, BE,
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