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Скачать Nature, August 28, 2008 бесплатно

Nature, August 28, 2008
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Deep-sea sediments contain large reservoirs of carbon in the form of microbial biomass, and the dynamics of this ecosystem are only now being established. A paper in last week's Nature showed that Archaea predominate over Bacteria in an extensive sediment prokaryote community. This week Danovaro et al. report on the impact of viral infections in this ecosystem.

Genetics: The production line
If more than 90% of the genome is "junk" then why do cells make so much RNA from it?

Natural selection: The evolution of cancer
Cancer cells vary; they compete; the fittest survive. Patrick Goymer reports on how evolutionary biology can be applied to cancer -- and what good it might do.

Battle of the sexes may set the brain
A tug-of-war between the mother's and father's genes in the developing brain could explain a spectrum of mental disorders from autism to schizophrenia.

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