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Скачать Filtration and Separation, December 2008 бесплатно

Filtration and Separation, December 2008
PDF | ENGLISH | Pages: 102 | 7.6 MB

This paper/article discusses all components of the Filter balance of an irrigated area; evapotranspiration (Ch.2), effective precipitation (Ch.3) and capillary rise from the filters table (Ch.4). then combines all components into a filter management strategy that balances actual evapotranspiration (and thus crop yield) with the round filter balance of the irrigated area (for a substainable environment). A simulation program that combines all Filter balance components into a single simulation procedure. The chapter describes the use of the CRIWAR software for developing water requirement tables and other useful information based on the selected water management strategy. This version greatly expands upon the capabilities of previously published programs.
Monthly journal published by Elsevier

Keywords: filtration, separation, process engineering, chemical engineering, water treatment


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