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Скачать Chemical Engineering Magazine December 2008 бесплатно

Chemical Engineering Magazine December 2008
PDF | Pages: 94 | RS | 12.4 MB

34Cover Story Part 1 Heat Flux and Film Temperature In Fired, Thermal-Fluid Heaters The importance of these factors is often overlooked. Learn how to determine if you are overheating the fluid film in your system

41Cover Story Part 2 Heat Transfer Fluids: Maintaining the System Use cost-effective techniques to find a solution for coke, sludge, high viscosity and deposits in your thermal fluid process


11Chementator Cleaning syngas at high temperatures; Significantly slash investment costs with this oxidation reactor; A new MMA process; Two solid ways to remove CO2 from fluegas; A new glycemic-index

technology; Using membranes to lower the cost of CO2 capture; and more

16Newsfront Capturing CO2 Efforts to find economical technology to reduce CO2 emissions are intensifying

21Newsfront Clean Up Your Act Gone are the days of messy dust-collection maintenance, thanks to new, simpler-to-service systems

27Newsfront CE's 2008 Personal Achievement Award Two nominees from opposite sides of the globe are the winners of this magazine's
2008 Award for Personal Achievement in Chemical Engineering.


33Facts At Your Fingertips Fluid Flow This one-page guide outlines flow calculations for both Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids in laminar and turbulent flow

44Feature Report Bearing Housing Protector Seals for Gearboxes In extreme environments, dual-face magnetic bearing housing seals will keep contamination out

48Engineering Practice Functions for Easier Curve Fitting An overview of empirical relations that can be used to fit your data

52Engineering Practice Estimating Thermal Conductivity of Hydrocarbons This new correlation can be helpful when measured data are not available


28Focus Level Measurement Use magnetostrictive or laser transmitters for level measurements; These ultrasonic sensors are certified for use in hazardous locations; Provide 24-h visibility for magnetic level gages; Determine levels in storage tanks with these sensors; and more

32D-1New Products & Services (Domestic Edition) Push-to-connect inline filters introduced; Pneumatic

wrenches offer new gearbox design and extended torque; Powerful, high-flow filtration in a compact footprint; Convey lime to neutralization at any angle with this feeder; Reduce hydrocarbon contamination up to 95% in a single pass; This software allows engineers to do more with less; and more

32I-1New Products & Services (International Edition) This rupture disk features SAF technology; Fluropolymer lining improves flow, cleanability of this hose, TV-approved safety valve communicates via Foundation Fieldbus; Valves for controlling the flow of corrosive media; Monitor and transmit machine vibration data without wires; Automated ash analysis has never been easier; Pure-water plants made to order; and more


5Editor’s Page Saluting the ‘human element’ We turn our focus to recognize the accomplishments

of individuals who have a record of notable achievement in the application of chemical engineering



Look for: Feature Reports on Filters to Control Emissions from Industrial Waste Incinerators; and A New Design Approach for Backmixed Reactors; Engineering Practice articles on

Active Management of Pipestool Fitters; and Mechanical Carbon in Chemical Processing Equipment; A Technology Showcase on Coal to Liquids; A Focus on Mixing & Blending; News articles on the Kirkpatrick Award; and Predictive & Preventative Maintenance; Facts at Your Fingertips on Column Internals; and more Cover: David Whitcher


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