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Скачать Scientific American, September 2008 бесплатно

Scientific American, September 2008
PDF | English | 92 pages | 8.4 MB

Privacy in an Age of Terabytes and Terror
The boundaries are shifting between public interest and "the right to be let alone."

Reflections on Privacy 2.0
Some issues that appear to be questions of privacy turn out to be matters of security or health policy.

Brave New World of Wiretapping
As telephone conversations migrate to the Internet, the government wants to listen in.

Tools of the Spy Trade
Night-vision cameras, biometric sensors and other gadgets already give snoops access to private spaces. Coming soon: palm-size "bug-bots."

How to Keep Secrets Safe
A versatile range of software solutions can protect the privacy of your information and online activities to any desired degree.

The End of Privacy?
Social-networking Web sites may be radically realigning what is considered public and private.

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