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Скачать Science, August 15, 2008 бесплатно

Science, August 15, 2008
PDF | English | 102 pages | 8.3 MB

A dynamic aurora borealis during a storm over Canada. Energy from the Sun's extended atmosphere is stored at Earth's magnetic field and is released explosively, powering the aurorae. Previously stable aurorae brighten, filament, expand poleward, and cover the sky within 1 to 2 minutes. The energy release starts at an altitude of 130,000 kilometers, at the magnetic equator, near local midnight.

Seasonal-Climate Forecasts Improving Ever So Slowly
Of the dozens of forecasting techniques proffered by government, academic, and private-sector climatologists, all but two are virtually worthless, according to a new study.

Going Deeper into the Grotte Chauvet
Ten years of research have yielded detailed new insights into the stunning images considered the world's oldest cave art. But questions about their age are resurfacing.

Directing a Life in Science
After forgoing theater ambitions, and despite early marriage and motherhood, Olivera Finn has risen through immunology's ranks thanks to her work on cancer vaccines.

Science Scholarships Go Begging
Despite ever-rising college costs, a $4.5 billion federal aid program to lure students into science is vastly undersubscribed.

Climate Change Hot Spots Mapped Across the United States
Taking some of the fuzziness out of climate models is revealing the uneven U.S. impact of future global warming; the most severely affected region may be emerging already.

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