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Скачать Science, July 25, 2008 бесплатно

Science, July 25, 2008
PDF | English | 137 pages | 11.4 MB

Wealthy nations now devote billions of dollars each year to helping low- and middle-income countries confront HIV/AIDS epidemics. Investment in biomedical research has also shot up. What has come of this flood of money? And will there be enough in the future to meet increasing demands?

HIV/AIDS: Follow the Money
Over the past decade, funding for HIV/AIDS research and treatment in low- and middle-income countries has exploded, jumping more than 20-fold to $10 billion last year. The U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), the largest funder of basic research, also doubled its budget to nearly $3 billion. How these dollars have been divvied up and what they have accomplished? How countries have dealt with this sudden influx of cash? Who's minding the store and what happens when abuses occur?

From Atop a Mountain, A Deeper Look at the Sun
The world's largest solar telescope could help answer long-standing questions about our nearest star. But with environmental opposition and budgetary challenges, will it get built?

Building a Scientific Legacy on a Controversial Foundation
Most scientists deplore the practice. But the first wave of congressional earmarks for academic research created two centers that have stood the test of time.

Water Everywhere on Early Mars But Only for a Geologic Moment?
Planetary scientists pursuing water and life on Mars must reconcile mounting evidence of a young planet awash in life-sustaining water with a growing realization that the martian surface was likely almost always dry.

Voting: In Your Genes?
At the Behavior Genetics Association meeting, a political scientist presented evidence that DNA has a hand in the intensity of people's partisan political attachments and even in whether they bother to vote.

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