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Скачать Science, July 18, 2008 бесплатно

Science, July 18, 2008
PDF | English | 114 pages | 6.8 MB

An artist's conception of the antibiotic penicillin and some of the bacteria that have developed resistance to various antibiotics. A special section explores the rise and spread of so-called bad bugs and possible interventions.

Reinventing Rice to Feed the World
With prices of rice and other cereals soaring and granaries emptying, it might take a second green revolution to avert widespread famine.

Simple Sleepers
Classic genetic model organisms -- fruit flies, zebrafish, and roundworms -- are popular newcomers in sleep research laboratories, although debate continues about how much their dozing relates to human slumber.

Acoustics '08 Meeting
- Sound Science Maps Venetian Canals and Peruvian Ruins.
- Ultrasound Uses in Medicine Heat Up.
- Listening to Distant Ice Crack.
- Snapshots from the Meeting.

Ice Scour Disturbance in Antarctic Waters
Icebergs have increasingly scoured the coastlines along the West Antarctic Peninsula as its ice shelves and glaciers have waned, affecting benthic marine communities.

Identification of SLEEPLESS, a Sleep-Promoting Factor
A search for genetic modulators of sleep in Drosophila identified a gene encoding a brain protein that is likely secreted and is required for recovery from sleep deprivation.

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