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Скачать Journal Differential Equations бесплатно

Differential Equations Volume 43, Number 1 / January, 2007
PDF | 1.3 mb (zip)| English

Fourteen articles on various topics in differential and partial differential equations.

- Synthesis of Stabilizing Controllers with the Use
of Observers Based on Linear Matrix Inequalities
- On the Spectrum of Linear Relations
Associated with Uniformly Well-Posed Problems
- An Abstract Stochastic Cauchy Problem
with the Generator of a (1,C1)- or (1,A)-Semigroup
- The Method of ControlledModels in the Problem
of Reconstruction of a Nonlinear Delay System
- Realization of Dynamical Systems
in Scales of Systems with Aftereffect:
II. Controllability. Observability. Minimality


pw: mathematicalmaniac


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