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Скачать Servo, August 2008 бесплатно

Servo, August 2008
PDF | English | 12.2 MB

The CPLD Servo Driver
Driving hobby servos is only one of the tricks a CPLD can perform. In addition to turning servo rotors, you can also use a CPLD to replace a number of discreet logic ICs in your next robotic design.

Build a PWM Circuit to Run a Vex Motor
You don't just have to use NiCad batteries to drive a Vex motor.

Look Ma, No Driver!
Autonomous DARPA vehicles take center stage (track!) at the Long Beach Grand Prix.

Build the Ultimate Robot
If you're not afraid to part with a little cash, this series will give you the choice of building either a sixor three-wheeled robot with an onboard PC.

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