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Скачать 220Triathlon Magazine - Issue 215 - December 2007 бесплатно


220Triathlon Magazine - Issue 215 - December 2007
Origin Publishing | 2007-12 | PDF | 29 Pages | 19MB

Main articles from the UK's premier Triathlon monthly.

Feeling the squeeze - Compression clothing

Swim Stronger - Improve your stroke without putting a foot in the water

Turbo Boost - Winter indoor bike training

Pit Stop: Stopping Power - All you ever wanted to know about brakes but were too afraid to ask

The Secret of Speed Play - Build your stamina and speed this winter with fartlek running

Cod Almighty - There are health benefits galore when you let cod into your life

Training Camps - Overseas training

Tri Clinic - Your multisport questions answered


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