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Скачать Sports - World Soccer Magazine 2007 November бесплатно

Sports - World Soccer November
True PDF | English | 116 pages | 14 MB | RS.com


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World Soccer is an English language football magazine published by IPC Media. It specialises in the international football scene. It’s regular contributing writers include Brian Glanville. World Soccer is a member of the ESM, an umbrella group of similar magazines printed in other languages. Other members include A Bola, Don Baln, Kicker, La Gazzetta dello Sport and Sport Express. The members of this group elect a European "Team of the Month", and a European "Team of the Year".

Since 1982 World Soccer has also organised "Player of the Year", "Manager of the Year", and "Team of the Year" awards. In 2005 awards for the best "Young Player of the Year" and "Referee of the Year" were also introduced. In the December 1999 issue of World Soccer a readers poll listing the 100 greatest football players of the 20th century was published.

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