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Скачать Underwater Photography Magazine #38 (Sept/Oct 2007) бесплатно

Underwater Photography Magazine #38 (Sept/Oct 2007)
PDF file 8Mb | 64 colour pages | Issue n° 38

UwP Issue 38 contains:

News, travel & Events
North Sea Film Festival, Netherlands
Small dive groups at Tasik Ria
fishdb.co.uk web site
East Midlands Underwater Photographers
Photography recruitment website
11th El Hierro Open Fotosub
LAUPS Photo Competition
NCUPS 50th Anniversary competition
Raja Ampat Protected areas
Beneath the Sea 2008
SanDisk World of Underwater Images
Visions in the Sea 2007
2008 Photo workshop with Mauricio Handler
Divesafari Santorini
Philippines Digital workshop with Aw, Meur and O'Brien

New Products
Amphibico EVO HD
Ikelite Canon HV-20 video housing
Epoque UR-Pro filter
Advanced Guide for Digital Underwater Photography
Aquatica Nikon D40 housing
Fantasea S200 & S500 housings
Sealux universal video housing UNM190
Keldan Solaris video light
Sea & Sea DX-1G compact and housing
Sea & Sea YS-250PRO strobe
ReefPhoto Subal dome port cover
10 Bar filters
Fantasea FL-12

Can you choose a compact camera intelligently? by Michael Wicks
The perfect system By Don Silcock

BSoUP Splash In
Layang Layang Shootout
Puerto Galera Photo Fest

Fish photography in Belize with Gearoid Lane

Photo techniques

Adventures with a Wratten 22 by Paul R. Carre
Abstract attractions by Mark Webster
Filter Photography by Alex Mustard

Book review
An Advanced Guide to Digital Underwater Photography
by Michael Aw with Mathieu Meur

Parting Shot 1 by Brian Mayes
Parting Shot 2 by Ralph Mortimore
Parting Shot 3 by Tobias Bernhard


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