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Скачать Muscle & Fitness №9 (September 2016) USA бесплатно

Muscle & Fitness №9 (September 2016) USA
Muscle & Fitness — журнал является самым авторитетным путеводителем в мире фитнеса. За время своего существования снискал репутацию безупречного тренера и советчика в вопросах тренинга, здоровья и питания. Издание адресовано посетителям фитнес-клубов и всем тем, кто всерьез хочет изменить свою фигуру.

16 Evolution of Rock
A look back at the evolving physique of the world’s biggest action star.
88 Fittest & Fattest Cities
A countdown of the 25 fittest and 25 fattest cities in America.
IOC Get Juiced
Improve your immune system and train harder with these nutrient-packed juices.
110 Prepare for #ARMageddon
The plan that grew Steve Weatherford’s arms inches in just 90 days.
122 Don’t Count Him Out
How Michael Bisping captured the UFC middleweight title with 17 days' notice.
126 Take It Outside
An outdoor workout to build endurance, burn fat, and soak in the rays.
136 The Second Chepter
Arnold’s most memorable postbodybuilding accomplishments.
144 Back ta the Gym
The best threads, kicks, and gear for any budget Dr fitness level.
152 Cardio Workout from Hell
Hop off the treadmill and train like an athlete with this hardcore routine.
162 Don’t Fear Carbs
Have your cake and eat it, too, with this guide to carb manipulation.
170 Mr. Olympia Tips 51 training and nutrition tips from Mr. Olympia winners.
180 Choke Artist
Monique Ricardo went from IFBB bikini pro to world-class grappler.
186 Straight Up: Triceps
Combine body-weight movements with weights to carve your tri’s.

Название: Muscle & Fitness
Год: 2016
Номер: 9
Формат: PDF
Страниц: 208
Размер: 84,37 МБ
Язык: английский

Скачать Muscle & Fitness №9 (September 2016) USA


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