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Скачать Luxury Spa Finder Magazine, March/April 2008 бесплатно

Luxury Spa Finder Magazine, March/April 2008
English | 116 pages | EXE | 42.8 Mb

Luxury SpaFinder Magazine: The spa lifestyle at its finest!

Luxury SpaFinder Magazine, the most authoritative source of information on luxury spas and related lifestyle pursuits.

Luxury SpaFinder Magazine is a bi-monthly travel and lifestyle publication specializing in the spa experience. Our readers are among the most affluent and well-educated demographic in the U.S. The majority are women with large discretionary incomes who are health-conscious and avid travelers.

Luxury SpaFinder Magazine covers the full spectrum of spa experiences, including: global destination, hotel and resort spas, medical spas, day spas, home spa design, fashion, beauty products and cuisine.

In each issue you'll find:

* In-depth articles on the world's top spas
* Detailed reports on health and wellness topics such as thalassotherapy, aromatherapy, and antioxidant beauty products
* Insider's Spa Guides to major destinations such as India, Ireland, Italy, and Thailand
* A report on one good value spa by our bargain hunter, Vera Value
* Strategies for weight management and eating healthily at home
* Home Spa Design, a practical guide to creating a spa experience in your bathroom
* Beauty & Brains, the thinking woman's guide to spa beauty products and procedures
* Profiles of top spa residential communities



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