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Скачать Luxury Real Estate, Spring 2008 бесплатно

Luxury Real Estate, Spring 2008
EXE | English | 78 pages | 31 MB

Welcome to LuxuryRealEstate.com Magazine, the premier magazine published three times a year by Luxury Real Estate. Each issue features approximately 350 of the exclusive homes represented by Luxury Real Estate brokers from around the globe, as well as features and columns tailored to the discerning tastes of the up scale home owner.

LuxuryRealEstate.com is the most-viewed luxury real estate Web site in the world, according to the Alexa Internet ranking service, with more than 65 million hits a month. The average price of the homes on our Web site is $2.65 million.

LuxuryRealEstate.com attracts an affluent, well-educated, professional demographic of upscale homebuyers and leading luxury real estate specialists who have the wealth and means not only to admire, but to purchase the luxury properties and products advertised on our site.

We invite you to be a part of an exciting way to reach the world’s most desirable audience. LuxuryRealEstate.com Magazine is sent to many of the world’s most affluent households and individuals. The magazine is published three times a year by Luxury Real Estate, an exclusive network of more than 700 top luxury real estate firms and brokers and creator of LuxuryRealEstate.com, the most-viewed luxury real estate Web site in the world.

Each coffee-table-quality issue showcases approximately 350 luxury homes from the finest national and international real estate specialists, including beachfront properties,

urban condominiums, country homes, mountain retreats and golf resorts. Beautifully designed editorial features cover timely topics such as leading brokers, luxury trends, sought-after communities, industry news, estates of distinction and more.


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