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Скачать Hinduism Today - OCT NOV DEC 2007 бесплатно

Hinduism Today
OCT NOV DEC 2007 | PDF | 30 mb | 86 Pages | English

This magazine is worth downloading for great pictures, layouts and designs. Refer contents of the magazine to know more about the magazine.

This edition is about Journey to Murugan !

Table of contents :


Feature Story: Feature: Explore with Us the Past, Present and Likely Future of Indian Classical Music

Heritage: Thanjavur King's Library Still Guards its Palm-Leaf Treasure Trove of Hindu Scripture

Culture: All About the Quintessential Hindu Mark: the Bindi

Public Relations: Facts You Need to Know about the Media and its Relationship with Religion

Youth Power: Swadhyay Pariwar Youth Meet in Washington, DC, in Display of Resolve


Insight: Come on a Magical Pilgrimage to the Six Temples of Lord Murugan in South India

Religion: Why Interfaith Efforts Shouldn't Be Accepted at Face Value

Ayurveda: Part 2: Dr. Sodhi Explores Teenage Depression and its Treatments

Books: Two Dramatic Books Chronicle the Creative Career of Dancer Rukmini Devi

Kerala: How George Fernandez's Serendipitous Finding of a Ganesha Deity Changed His Life


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